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Welcome To Work Like a Mother@ fall 2016 Semester

We welcome you with open arms to this highly dynamic community of women just like you. Whether you are local or out of state, classes and career counseling are now being offered both in person and online. We have grown by leaps and bounds in serving and helping women reclaim their vitality regardless of where you are in the parenting process or how long you have been away from your career.   From overcoming your psychological immobilization, engaging  in an introspective personal assessment process,  clarifying  a new career goal and integrating it into your life according to your parenting stage, and  learning needed social media and current job search skills, our team will support you to redefine purpose and make it a reality.  Our experts take you through each step of the re-invention journey from beginning to end and the connections, friendships and professional network you build is priceless. Welcome from  Work Like a Mother !


Hilary Berger, Founder, Work Like a Mother


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