Fall 2016 Career Academy: Social Media,Personal Branding & Job Search Training Academy with Indeed.com - 3 Registration Options to Best Meet Your Needs
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Oct 4,11,18,25


Dec 6 and 13


Our Academy participants get jobs!  This transformative career academy is a “hands on” one-stop-shop educational experience and learning community with one clear goal…. for women to re-build their professional relevance and confidence by learning, practicing and gaining comfort with current digital platforms and  technology skills while developing the necessary competencies to optimize Social Media & Personal Branding. This is in addition to mastery of  today’s online Job Search Skills led by global job search leader indeed.com and our leading expert in building winning resumes.   Unlike any other training experience for mothers in the nation,  our curriculum provides the perfect combination of hands on learning, group and one on one coaching partnered with practice applications between sessions and unmatched expertise by our academy faculty and partnership with indeed.com. The entire academy experience is grounded in the Work Like a Mother®Career Development Method which has proven to be life changing. Beware.  Like many of our alumni, you are very likely to have several interviews or get hired before the academy ends. Many of our participants found the jobs they otherwise had no access to before joining this transformative program. Space is limited.

Registration Options:

1.  Complete The Entire 11 Week Academy – Both The Social Media and Personal Branding Sessions and the Job Search Training Sessions with Indeed.com- BEST VALUE!

2.  The Social Media and Personal Branding 6 Week Session (Oct 4-Nov 1 plus Linked In Lab on Nov22)

3.  The Job Search Training Academy with Indeed.com 6 Week Session (Nov 10-Dec 13th )


*It is strongly suggested that you complete The Fast Track To Re-Invention Course or have a career path or business plan in mind to benefit most from this program. Click on the links below for testimonials and photos from our academies

https://staging.worklikeamother.com/client-praise-for-career-academies/          https://staging.worklikeamother.com/gallery/


October 4image1 (6)

The Art of Personal Branding and Social Media

Instructor: Janine Truitt

It’s nearly impossible not to hear rumblings of how important it is to have a digital footprint and create a personal brand. Personal branding is about getting clear about the specific knowledge, skills and abilities you have to offer. Branding puts you in a position to drive conversation with prospective employers’ colleagues and customers. Jobs are scarce depending on your background and employers attention spans are short. Creating a personal brand allows you to standout and be noticed. Participants in this workshop will be able to:

  • Define what personal branding is.
  • Identify do’s and don’ts of using Social Media.
  • Utilize social media effectively for job search purposes.
  • Create a personal branding accountability plan as a blueprint for all social media engagement.

October 11image1 (6)

Social Sharing and Social Media Etiquette 101™

Instructor: Janine Truitt

Like many things in life, it isn’t about what you do; but how you do it. The same way we have socially acceptable norms and values in real life; Social Media has its own set of rules and etiquette as well. This workshop is designed to get participants up-to-speed on how they can organically engage and foster meaningful relationships online.
Participants in this workshop will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of reciprocity in Social Media.
  • Develop a simple and authentic way of communicating.
  • Utilize Social Minimalism™ to build relationships.
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of engagement on Social Media.

October 18image1 (6)

Blogging Your Heart Out: The Art of Storytelling

Instructor: Janine Truitt

Blogging is no longer a trend it is an important accessory to your business. The people that succeed at blogging have one thing in common: they are great storytellers. It is clear that businesses and people that can consistently share an authentic and compelling story have the competitive edge. If not for business, blogging for leisure has also been proven to be lucrative. Bloggers are in high demand. With some time, effort and passion; you can start telling your story today. Participants in this workshop will be able to:

  • Define and understand the craft of blogging.
  • Understand and apply the principles of storytelling through blogging.
  • Identify areas of interest and expertise that can be used for a blog.

October 25image1 (6)

Blogging Your Heart Out Hands on Lab

Instructor: Janine Truitt

This lab will allow participants to build on what they learned in the Blogging Your Heart Out: The Art of Story Telling Workshop. Participants in this workshop will:

  • Crowd source and choose a blog name via group work
  • Decide what kind of content they want to share on their blog
  • Develop a short-term content calendar
  • Create a blog

November 1image1 (6)

Building Credibility and Visibility with Visual Media Lab

Instructor: Janine Truitt

These days, visual media isn’t just for capturing pictures and recording your kids or events. Visual media is the combination of media you create via photo and video. Besides meeting someone in real life, visual media is the next best way for people to feel like they are making an authentic connection with you and your brand. Platforms like: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Live, Periscope, You Tube and Blab are changing the way people market themselves. Visual Media allows you to create compelling content, allowing you to increase your visibility (whether for business or job-seeking). If you are going to leave a digital footprint behind, visual media is a must-have addition to your social media toolbox.

Participants should be open and willing to be in pictures and videos. Come with a mobile device (iPad, Tablet, Phone) as this will be a hands-on class. Come presentable for shooting photos and videos as part of the for your profile pics for Instagram, Periscope and Snapchat.


November 10

What You Must Know About Writing Resumes in 2016

Instructor:  Lesley Vanderlee

A crash course in everything you need to know to have a strong resume in this technical age.You will learn:

  • How writing resumes have changed in every way possible.
  • Understand the application tracking system that screens you out before you even get looked if you are not informed
  • Create resume with keywords and to draw recruiters to you.
  • Know the difference between uploading a resume online and sending it directly to a person
  • Strategies on “closing the gap” since having kids
  • Make your resume easy to scan

November 15Team-Leslie

Resume Hands On Lab: Your Resume Make Over Before and After

Instructor:  Lesley Vanderlee

Go through the process with Resume Writer Lesley Vanderlee to re-write a resume from pre-kids to your resume today. Bring your old resume if you have one, although this is not necessary in order to participate. Learn how to transform your resume to make it strategically competitive and in compliance with all the latest online logistics so that you may be seen and maximized online and in person. This program is a must for any mom working on a resume

November 22Team-Leslie

LinkedIn Basics Lab

Instructor: Lesley Vanderlee

To build a professional presence in this economy, LinkedIn is an essential component to your toolkit It is projected that LinkedIn will someday replace the résumé. Beyond this factor, it is a great place to put your expertise on display and be noticed by the right companies and networks

Participants in this workshop will be able to:

Create a LinkedIn profile
Understand the art of sharing content on this platform
Introduction to searching and jointing the targeted groups

*Participants should come in professional attire and photo ready. We will shoot temporary LinkedIn photos during this lab. Participants should also come with a laptop and their résumé pre-loaded on a zip drive if you have one.

November 29alanaheadshopupdated

Online Job Search With indeed.com: Introductory class on how to use Indeed for a successful online job search

Instructor:  Alana D’Angelica, Indeed.com

Indeed.com is the world’s most comprehensive job search engine.  We’ll walk you through how to upload your resume for inclusion in Indeed’s Resume database, give pointers on refining your resume to be “search engine” friendly, and show you how to search for open jobs on Indeed. We’ll show you how to run targeted searches on Indeed to find the right fit for you, discuss best practices for communicating with potential employers, and share tips for navigating your post­ motherhood job search. Women of all experience levels and professional backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to attend.

December 6alanaheadshopupdated

Hands-on Online Job Search Training with Indeed.com

Instructor:  Alana D’Angelica and the Indeed.com Job Squad

Put all of your skills to work and begin your online job search! The
Indeed.com team will return to provide you with one-on-one coaching for streamlining your search, and staying organized and efficient with your online applications. Bring your laptop and online resume for a productive session that will leave you feeling hopeful and accomplished.


December 13

Instructed by Dr. Hilary Berger

Instructor:  Dr. Hilary Berger

Building a Winning Elevator Pitch: Five Steps to Regaining Your Edge And Your Confidence followed by Holiday Reception

What do you want to do? What value do you bring? What’s important to you now? We will be looking at where you come from and where you want to go. We will roll up our sleeves and begin work on your elevator story. Your elevator story will be succinct and compelling. By the end of the session you will leave with more clarity and have a chance to organize and practice telling your story to create a top quality pitch.



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